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Voiceflow allows you to import your data created on Dialogflow ES, and export it out of Voiceflow for a manual or automatic upload, in order to speed up your design work, and keep your designs in sync with your NLU.

Data Included on Import+Export

Here is a quick overview of the data that will be imported to Voiceflow from Dialogflow ES' ZIP, and included in our export files and uploads:

  • Intents
  • Entities (including names and synonyms)
    • Custom Entities
    • Built-in Entities 
  • User Examples (including all entity annotations)
  • Contexts (Upload Only - we preserve any existing on the Intent in DF ES)
  • Actions and Parameters
    • Required Entities (will add all required Entities and their Entity Prompts)
    • Other Actions and Parameters (Upload Only - we preserve any existing on the Intent in DF ES)
  • Fulfillment Webhook URL (Upload Only - this will use Voiceflow's Dialog Manager to fulfill each Intent on your Agent)


Exporting Agent Data from Dialogflow ES

From your Agent's Settings' Export and Import menu, select the 'Export as ZIP' option.


You will receive a ZIP file as the export, and that will contain separate files for each Intent and Entity in your Agent.

Importing Agent Data into Voiceflow

There are two methods to import your skill data into Voiceflow:

On Assistant Creation

When creating a new assistant in Voiceflow, you will be asked to select your use case (Launch & Host or Design & Handoff), choose Design & Handoff. The select the channel you are building for (Voice Assistant or Chat Assistant) and the NLU you are building for.

Once you select Dialogflow ES from the options, an upload link will appear, and when you click it, you can select the ZIP file you have downloaded from the DF ES Console.


 This will pre-populate your assistant with the complete training data set contained in your file.

In your NLU Manager

There is a similar import function available in your NLU Manager view, and clicking the ‘Import’ button found in the bottom-left will trigger the import flow.


Using this import method will upload all new intents, entities and user examples without deleting the current ones. Any intents or entities with the same name will be overwritten by the newer version.

Exporting NLU Data from Voiceflow

Note: the Dialogflow ES 1-click upload will be deprecated May 1st, 2023 to focus on other advanced NLU and prototyping features and functionalities. Users will still be able to create assistants with a Dialogflow ES NLU format and use our NLU import and export functionality from within the canvas.

When you are ready to export your NLU data for use back in Dialogflow ES, you can manually export the data back out as a ZIP, and upload it back through the Dialogflow ES Console.

In the Export Menu, if you do not select any individual intents (ie. leave the Select intents to export field blank), hitting the ‘Export’ button will generate a ZIP export file containing every Intent that is currently in your NLU Model.


You can generate these export files for Dialogflow ES in the following ways:

  • From the ‘Share’ Menu on the design canvas (under ‘Export as…’ and ‘NLU data’)
  • (From the ‘Export’ Menu on the NLU Manager

To import this file back into Dialogflow ES, navigate to your Agent's Settings' Export and Import menu, and here you will find two options:

  • Restore from ZIP - this will overwrite your entire Agent, and replace it with only the data contained on your ZIP
  • Import from ZIP - this will merge your ZIP file data with what exists on your Agent currently. Intents and Entities of the same name will be merged, and any new Intents and Entities will be added

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