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Exporting NLU Training Data from Voiceflow

When you are ready to export your NLU data for use back in Watson, you have two options, depending on how you want to manage your data workflow between the platforms:

Export the entire data set (as a JSON)

In the Export Menu, if you do not select any individual intents (ie. leave the Select intents to export field blank), hitting the ‘Export’ button will generate a JSON export file containing every Intent that is currently used in a step on your canvas (ie. in Intent, Choice or Button Steps).

Export individual intents and entities (as CSVs)

In the Export Menu, if you select individual intent and hit the ‘Export’ button, you will generate a ZIP containing an intents.csv and entities.csv files.


You can generate these export for Watson from the ‘Share’ Menu on the design canvas (under ‘Export as…’ and ‘NLU data’).

Uploading Skill Data into Watson’s Console

Based on the type of export you have created, you can upload the data to Watson in the following ways:

Import your full model JSON

You can follow the instructions provided by the Watson docs to upload your Skill’s training data here, from your Skills overview page.


Select the JSON provided by Voiceflow, and it will automatically load your model.

Import your selected Intents and Entities CSVs

Using the ⬆️  icon on your Intents and Entities pages in Watson, you will be prompted to upload the CSV you exported from Voiceflow.


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