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Intent Clarity Scoring

The second measure you will find on your Intents is the Clarity Score. This is a measure of how unique each intent's utterances are from the other intents in your model.

This is important for you to understand in order to continually optimize the performance of your NLU model as you add new Intents and subject matter for your Assistant to handle. This will help ensure that the right intents get triggered at the right time in your assistant.

The way that your intents' Clarity Score is evaluates is our ML model will evaluate how similar each utterance on the intent is to the utterances on every other intent. If utterances are two similar, it will flag that conflict, and low your intent's Clarity Score.

Clicking on an intent will open up the intent editor, in which you will see a card that gives you a more detailed Clarity Score, including the number of conflicting utterances you have.

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