Intent Confidence

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Intent Confidence

The first score that you will see applied to each Intent in your model isConfidence.This is a measure of how much training data you have provided for this specific intent.

In general, most NLU platforms recommend that you provide a minimum of 6-12 utterances on an Intent to properly train it in the NLU Model. At a glance, your Intent Confidence score can tell you which of your intents require more training data to be properly trained.

Another key factor in evaluating whether each intent has sufficient training data is to ensure that all intents in your model have an equivalent volume of utterances. You can find the number of utterances on each intent listed on the table in the NLU Manager. You can sort by this column to see which of your intents might be over or under-trained.

Clicking on an intent will open up the intent editor, in which you will see a card that gives you a more detailed Confidence Score. As you added more utterances to your intent, this measure will update.

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