Overview of NLU Data Imports

Tahsim Ahmed
Tahsim Ahmed
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There are two methods for importing your NLU data into Voiceflow:

Importing during Assistant Creation

When you create a new assistant, you will have the option to add NLU data to your assistant by selecting an import.

After you have selected the Channel and NLU you are working with, you will see a link appear to upload your data. Select your NLU's file export, and it will import the Intents, Entities and Utterances contained within it.

Once the model import is complete, you will notice a toast notification/confirmation of the status of the import, such as the number of intents imported. You will also notice the section under the NLU selection box update with this data, and additional information such as number of entities imported.

Tip: Once assistant creation is completed & you are taken to the Canvas, navigate to the NLU Manager (shortcut M). You can verify and check that the NLU Model data imported successfully/correctly (ie. Intents, Utterances and/or Entities)

More information on this process can be found under NLU Selection in the assistant creation docs found here.

Importing via the NLU Manager

In your Assistant's NLU Manager, you will have the ability to upload NLU data directly from the export files of your NLU provider, or from a generic CSV.

Any data that you import here will be merged into your existing model's data -- Intents that exist in your model will have their Utterances updated, and any new Intents or Entities contained in your import will be added to your existing data.

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