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Tahsim Ahmed
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What is the Voiceflow NLU Manager?

The NLU Manager is the core view on your assistant for view, editing, and optimizing your NLU data.

In addition to providing more real estate to handle larger NLU models for your assistant, there are also a collection of features you'll find here to expand and optimize your NLU models data and performance.

A reminder that NLU (Natural language understanding) is focused on your conversation's ability to understand the human language.

All the data that you create here can be utilized in your designs in:

  • Intent Steps
  • Capture Steps
  • Choice Steps(voice assistants only)
  • Button Steps (chat assistants only)
Note: Intents, Entities and Variables created in the NLU Manager are available 
globally within the assistant.

You can navigate directly to this view with keyboard shortcut '2'.

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