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Component / (formerly Flow) Step 

Components are used to represent full-fledged flows that are reused across the assistant. For example, your assistant may offer to connect the user to a live customer service rep at different points in the conversation. When you find yourself repeating the same exact series of user/function design over and over again, you can combine the series of steps into a singular component.  

To create a component, simply press 'Shift' and drag your mouse over the blocks you want to condense into a component, and click the "Create Component" button at the top of your header. 


You can also create a component if you drag a component step onto the canvas and press "Create" in the step editor. 


You can add re-useable components onto your canvas, as a piece of repeatable conversational logic to embed into your assistant.

When your conversation reaches a component step, it will enter that component and execute the step(s) nested inside the respective component.

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