Adding & Modifying Actions

Tahsim Ahmed
Tahsim Ahmed
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How do I add / edit actions to my blocks / steps ?

To link an Action to a Step, draw a line from your selected step's port and click the canvas. Click the 'Actions' option from the line's step menu and choose the action you want to add. 


Once you've configured your Action's details, it'll be viewable as a chip on the canvas. Click the chip to preview the Action's contents at a glance.

Modifying Actions

You can modify a Step’s existing Actions in the corresponding or respective Step's editor or directly on the Action itself.

Simply click into the action you want to change, navigate to the preview window and hit the pencil icon to make your edits. Alternatively, you can also go to the parent block with the Actions linked, and navigate to the Action you wish to edit.


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