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How do I add images to my conversation design or assistant?

The Image Step allows you to include Images and/or GIFs in your voice and chat assistants.

  • For chat-based assistants, your visuals will show up as in-line visuals within the chat dialog.
  • For voice-based assistants, your visuals will appear on your devices screen, in parallel with the voice-based interactions.

Note: The Image Step allows for the display of visuals both in the prototyping view on the Custom Assistant channel, and on actual devices (ie. when designing for Amazon Alexa Assistant channels).

Adding an Image

To get started with the Image Step, ensure you navigate inside an Image Step and have an intended Image or GIF to upload into your design.

Tip: You can add your desired Image or GIF by dragging-and-dropping it into the editor, or click Browse and select one from your computer. You will also notice that your uploaded file has an auto-generated hosted image link by Voiceflow.

Once your image is uploaded, you will notice that the preview modal on the Canvas-view updates and resizes to the image properties. You can also hover over the image to preview the image in full-sized view.

You can also use a link directly with the image hosted and paste it directly on the 'Link' tab. You can also use a variable (using'{' ) to host the image link to make your image feeds more dynamic.

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