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Add Paths, Lines, Create Conversations and Block Connections/Connectors

To draw a path from a step to the next step or block, click on the circular port on the right side of the step you want to extend the path from. Then, drag and drop the path to the step or block you would like to connect. 

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You can connect a path to a block, which will cause the conversation to run sequentially through all the steps within that block. You can also connect a path directly to a step within the block which will cause the conversation to jump directly to that step within the overall block, and then continue sequentially.

As you are building advanced conversations, note that some paths cannot be created/connected because the step you are attempting to connect does not allow for a path input.

An example of the above point is the Intent Step, which does not allow for paths to be connected to it, only from it. This means if you have an intent step as the first step within a block, then you cannot connect a path to that block (only the steps within it) because the first step in the block does not allow for paths to be connected to it.

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