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How do I get started building?

An Overview on the Basics of Designing on Voiceflow

Designing on Voiceflow starts at the step-level, which includes adding, editing and connecting steps/blocks on the canvas and creating paths in your assistant. Steps are your toolkit to build powerful assistants on Voiceflow.


Steps are located in the floating banner by the canvas navigation sidebar and represent different pieces of functionality in order to build your conversational experience. Steps are categorized under:

  • Event: represents a starting point for a conversational flow, usually triggered by an intent
  • Talk: allows the conversational assistant to convey information to the user through different mediums
  • Listen: includes different types of user inputs 
  • Logic: controls assistant decision-making between different conversational flows and stores relevant data
  • Dev: enables both executable and mocked code snippets for complex development needs
  • Library: stores block templates for easily replicable blocks and steps on the canvas
Tip: Sometimes, you will only visually see Talk, Listen and Logic appear in this sidebar, but you can hover over this sidebar and click the down arrowhead symbol (⌄) to have Developer and Library also appear.

When creating an assistant, you will notice that the home step appears by default. This is where your conversation will always start from. This step cannot be deleted, but you can rename and change its colour to suit your design workflow & organizational needs.

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