Supported NLU Import Formats

Tahsim Ahmed
Tahsim Ahmed
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You can now kick-start your design process by importing NLU data directly from your NLU provider.

You can import the export files generated from the supported NLUs:

  • Amazon Lex V1 (.json in a .zip)
  • Dialogflow ES (.json in a .zip)
  • IBM Watson (.json)
  • Microsoft LUIS (.json in a .zip)
  • Rasa (.yaml in a .zip)
  • Salesforce Einstein (.csv)
  • Amazon Lex (.json in a .zip)
  • Nuance Mix (.xml)
Tip: We also support a generalized format - Voiceflow (.csv) - if you want to map your data and import it from another provider, or to import un-categorized training data.

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