Testing with Variables & Test Personas

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How to use personas and variables? How to test my prototype with variables?

Testing with All Variable States

To configure variable values for your test, choose ‘All Assistant Variables’ from the dropdown in the left sidebar. Update the variable values and run your test.

Note: All Variables have a default value of 0 before testing

Testing with Personas and Use Cases

Test Personas (AKA Variable States) let you define variable pre-sets for the scenarios, use cases or user personas for which you’re designing (e.g. New/Return, Authenticated/Unauthenticated users). States are managed on the assistant-level and can be used by all team members. 

Creating a Test Persona

To create a persona, enter Test mode. 

From the ‘Select a Persona’ dropdown, hit ‘Add New.

Enter a name for your persona (e.g. Authenticated User)

Choose a starting block - this defines where the test conversation will begin.

Lastly, choose the variables and values you want to associate with the persona.

Once saved, the persona will automatically be applied to your Test.

Applying a Persona to a Test

To apply a Persona to your test, either choose a persona from the left sidebar or from the selector in the Test Dialog.

Once you’ve selected one, hit ‘Run Test’

You can reset the test’s selected persona by clearing it in the Test Dialog or the left sidebar. 

Note: Personas can also be applied to Shared Prototypes

Manually changing Test Persona values

To run a Test using different state values, click into the desired variable input in the left sidebar

Update the value and run your test

Note: You can choose to save your updated state values by hitting the update icon in the left sidebar

‍Modifying Test Personas

To edit the name, starting block or variables for an existing persona, select the ‘Edit Persona’ icon from the left sidebar dropdown.

Make your desired updates and hit ‘Save’

Deleting Test Personas

To delete a persona, select the ‘Edit Persona’ icon from the left sidebar dropdown

From the management screen, select 'Delete Persona' from the context (...) menu

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