Training (NLU) Duration

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Tahsim Ahmed
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How long does it take to Train Assistant? How long does training take?

After you hit Train Assistant, it can take up to a few minutes (1-2) to train your assistant. Typically, the timing depends on the number of intents and other conversation logic (utterances & entities) in your Agent CMS.

Upon completion of the training of your assistant's model, you will notice that the Train Assistant button is greyed out and you are now using the highest-fidelity testing for your assistant.

Best Practices with NLU Prototyping

If you edit the overall dialogue model (addition / change / deletion of sample utterances, addition / change / deletion of slots/entities, etc.), you will need to Train Assistant again.

For optimal performance, you should have at least 5-10 Utterances for each Intent. For entities, at least 10 values & variations for your Entity types, synonyms, and mentions in other utterances.

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