Collaborating in Transcripts - Tagging and Commenting

Tahsim Ahmed
Tahsim Ahmed
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Transcripts - Tagging and commenting with your team

How do you interact with team members on your user testing sessions?

As your team runs multiple tests and the transcripts screen gets filled with different tests, you can organize your transcripts with tags to make it easier for your team to sort through and find the important ones. In the right-hand Actions Menu, we offer built-in tags such as Mark as Reviewed and Save for Later. You can add your own custom tags by navigating and clicking into the Tags input field.


Any tags you have created can be used to filter your Conversations (Transcripts) list.

In the Add Tags dropdown menu, you can select the Manage Tags option to Delete any tags from your assistant. You can also delete tags by hitting the X in the respective tag in the tag box.

You are also able to add notes or comments for designers and stakeholders to view in the Notes section under the Tags section.

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