Viewing, Sorting and Filtering Transcripts

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Viewing transcripts - How to view user sessions?

Your transcripts can be found in the left-hand navigation, or quickly accessed using the keyboard shortcut 2.

Once in the Transcripts tab, you can click through all available transcripts for your assistant in the left-hand Conversations List.

Navigating to the top of this list, you will find filters available to allow you to sort, organize & filter all of your available transcripts by date (Time Range) and by Tags.

This information can be added and adjusted at the transcript-level, using the right-hand Actions Menu.

You are also able to configure the type of data you'd like to view in testing such as Debug Messages and Intent confidence data. Using the ... menu above each transcript, you can choose to enable and disable these fields that you'd see in the Test Tool.

Adding utterances to intents

If you have the Intent Confidence set to visible, you will see an option to "Add utterance to intent" on any utterance that did not match an intent during your testing. This is a quick way to use your test transcripts to iterate on your design, and improve your prototype's Training. If you do add an utterance to an intent, it is important to remember to re-train your Assistant before testing again, to ensure it is trained with the new data.

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