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Markup with Text and Hyperlinks? How do I add text or notes on my design?

You can add, modify and hyperlink Text markup on Voiceflow.



To add a simple text message on the canvas, access Text mode (or keyboard shortcut T) in the assistant's top menu.

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You will notice you are in Text mode when you navigate to a blank area in the canvas and notice your cursor icon changes into an I-cursor or typing symbol icon.

Once you’re in Text mode, click the area of the canvas where you want to add text and you can type your text markup as you desire.



To modify existing text, click into the desired text field on Canvas; you can modify your text markup with keyboard-input, edit, re-format or delete as desired.

You can also style your text using the options available in the Text Markup Editor, on the right-hand side of the tool.



Similar to other text editors, you can add links by selecting the text you want to display as the hyperlink. You can then hitting the link icon in Text Markup Editor (or keyboard shortcut CMD/Ctrl + K). Input your desired link and hit enter.

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