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What is Canvas Markup? How Do I use Canvas Markup? How can I add a note on a design?

Leveraging Canvas Markup on Voiceflow is the easiest way to leave visual elements or notes, signals/symbols or feedback on your Voiceflow design.

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Canvas Markup helps you consolidate a great deal of contextual information directly on the Canvas. You can use Canvas Markup to communicate user interactions, indicate revisions, link to key documents, and provide the context stakeholders need to flesh out your voice experience from a bird’s-eye view.

Note: Canvas Markup is purely for communication purposes across designers, editors & stakeholders on-canvas, on-tool.  You should note that any Canvas Markup does not relate to or impact the conversation flow or actions, and it's purely visual.

Broadly speaking, markup comprises a set of symbols, or a language, that can be used to provide instructions. In the context of Voiceflow:

• Import images and resize, rotate and move them anywhere on the canvas
• Add text using custom fonts, weights, decorations or color
• Hyperlink to important documents and resources

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