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Tahsim Ahmed
Tahsim Ahmed
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Why use Markup? What is Markup? Why Canvas Markup?

As you are building your conversations, there can be a lot of moving parts and layers of communication involved when building out conversational experiences.

As with many conversation designers, you will quickly realize the importance of leaving markup or additional context to a section in your design, as you're collaborating with fellow designers, stakeholders or even returning to a design with yourself.

Let Canvas Markup be the perfect companion in your conversation design process to make your workflow easier & smoother. 

Note: this would be more interactive engagement across designer(s) and more involved, rather than simply communicating with stakeholders using Commenting features on Voiceflow.

Canvas Markup lets you annotate assistant designs so your team has all the necessary context, in the way that works best for your team. This could include additional information on technical requirements, visual aids to illustrate the conversation flow and more!

Fellow editors/designer or stakeholders can now spend less time flipping between documents and more time pushing your experience from build to publish. For individual users, Canvas Markup provides the freedom and flexibility to brainstorm ideas, create mind maps, build user personas and contextualize your assistants. It's a perfect way to use creative expression to support your vision.

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