View, Restore, Manage or Rollback a Version

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How to View, Manage, Rollback and Restore a Version

To view and manage your assistant's versions, click Settings in the left sidebar or by inputting keyboard numerical shortcut (4) on the main canvas screen, and navigate to Versions.

When you access the Versions tab, you’ll see:

• Version History - A list of all your assistant's historic versions

• Date - date it was created

• Production vs. Draft - its Production status

• User - which collaborator/user from your workspace managed that version

At the last column of each version's respective row, you can navigate to the (...) icon to have access to the Version management features of Preview and Restore for the production/deployed version management and status toggling.


Hit Preview (under the above menu) to view the specified version’s content in a new tab (on browser) or window (via the Desktop App).


If you want to roll back to a version, click the Restore option in the above menu, or for older versions of Voiceflow, hit the blue Restore Version icon (next to Preview). 

Note: This action can NOT be undone. Make sure you’ve previewed the version and confirmed this sequence, and are expecting overwriting of your recent version(s)/change(s) before reverting.

When you restore a version, Voiceflow creates a new automatic version of the current designer state. Once confirmed, Voiceflow will send a pop-up notification: 'Version successfully restored' and refresh the tool with the new loaded version.

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