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Create a Version of Your Assistant on Voiceflow

Versioning lets you save an official snapshot of your assistant at a chosen point in time. You can use versions to document an assistant's life cycle so you can view or revert back to it later.

Keep track of changes you've made to your files with version history. This is a powerful and important feature to keep in mind, as you are developing and deploying your conversations in live and/or production environments.

To create a version, use the keyboard shortcut Shift + ⌘ + S (Shift + Ctrl + S on Windows). Enter your version name and hit Save.

When prompted to create a New Version, you will have the option to give your new version a name.

Note: Once a new version is named, configured & created, please give a few seconds for the confirmation notification 'Saved new version'  + [Your Version Name] to appear.

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