Amazon Lex V1 - NLU Export

Tahsim Ahmed
Tahsim Ahmed
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Amazon Lex V1

Exporting Voiceflow assistant content into the Amazon Lex V1 format provides a master (.zip) file with each one of your assistant's intents nested in the .zip file, with each intent as its own unique (.zip) file.

You are then able to import your intents into the Amazon Lex console, under the Intents menu. You can individually import the intent files (.zip) into the Amazon Lex console and all the associated utterance data. You can also upload slot types and slot values under the Slot types menu in the Amazon Lex console.

Note: The import process with Amazon Lex only works with the V1 Console, as this is a V1 Export. Ensure you do NOT 'Switch to the new Lex V2 console' option found on the sidebar.

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