Exporting an Assistant for Handoff

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Exporting or Converting a Voiceflow Assistant to an Export Format (.json, .csv, .pdf, .png image) - I want to export a PDF, CSV, JSON, PNG

If you want to host a Voiceflow assistant on your own customized platform, you will need to export the assistant using our in-app export or our Project API (more tutorials coming soon). If you want to publish the assistant on Voiceflow, check out this tutorial

To export your assistant, click the Share button on the canvas' top bar. In the Export As tab, you can export your assistant's content and NLP/NLU data into several formats (files).

Supported formats for Exported Content:

  • Assistant content (.JSON/.vf) - all content in JSON, including markup and block positions
  • Runtime file (.vfr) - only the functional components of your assistant's JSON file
  • Dialogs (.CSV) - your assistant's response content
  • PDF - a PDF of a specific topic or component
  • PNG image - a PNG of a specific topic or component

Supported formats for NLP/NLU Exports (Configuration):

  • Voiceflow CSV
  • Microsoft LUIS
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Dialogflow ES
  • Rasa
  • Amazon Lex V1
  • IBM Watson
  • Salesforce Einstein
  • Nuance Mix

For NLP/NLU data, you can choose to export your entire model or specific intent(s).

Note: The NLU/NLP exports & formats are only available on 'Voice Assistant' and 'Chat Assistant' types, and are unavailable on 'One-Click Publish' type assistants.

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