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Note: This walkthrough is of the legacy-version of the Intent step. Intent step now lives under the Event section.

The Intent step lets you create non-linear and flexible conversation paths within your assistant. It operates as linearly as the Choice step, or as globally it allows the user to trigger any open-intent available. Because of this flexibility, Intents provide the flexibility to jump between conversations, Topics & Components/Flows and other Intents.

The Intent step requires no direct link and can be activated from anywhere within the assistant (as long as it's in contextual scope) by its linked intent. Unlike the Choice step, you can't link to an Intent step. It only accepts outward connections.

Linking Intents to an Intent Step

Intent steps are constantly listening for their linked intent to be invoked by a user. When their linked intent is invoked, the Intent step is triggered and users are directed to its corresponding conversation path.

To link an intent to an Intent step, you can choose an existing intent or create a new intent.

Pulling Entities from an Intent Step

Intents linked within an Intent step act like a normal intent and can thus pull entities from the user's utterance if the entity values have been defined.

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