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Important Notice: This step functionality has been embedded into the Choice and Button steps, and will no longer be supported as a standalone step and not available for new assistants. [Video walkthrough found here.]

The Prompt steps acts as a stop and listen function inside your assistant. When the Prompt step is traversed, the system will wait for the user to submit an input that matches an intent within your assistant. Once an intent is matched, the assistant will jump to the step containing the intent and continue from there.

Tip: The user can also match intents inside commands from a prompt step

The prompt and intent steps are used in tandem to create non-linear conversations, an important conversation design best practice.

Prompt Step - Buttons

Add buttons to the end of your messages in conversations to allow users to quickly trigger intents visually.

Tip: For Chat Assistants, you can add buttons to prompt your users with quick replies or choices.

In the buttons section of your Prompt step, you can input labels for your buttons and choose its linked intent. To add additional buttons, hit 'Add Button'.

Prompt Step - No Match

There may be instances where your user submits an input that doesn't match any of the intents in your assistant. For these cases, you can define what happens when the assistant detects a 'No Match'.

In the 'No Match' section, you can choose whether you want to reprompt your users and/or configure a fallback path.

To add reprompt options, select 'Reprompt' as your No Match type. You can add additional reprompts by hitting the 'Text' button.

To connect your No Match to a conversation path, select 'Path' as your No Match Type. This will let you select the conversation path for your fallback.

Prompt Step - No Reply

If the assistant does not hear your user's response, or the user's response is unintelligible, the No Reply Response occurs. To define your No Reply response, access the more options menu by clicking the ellipses button in the Prompt step, and select 'Add No Reply'.

You can configure your No Reply response message, the time delay, and connect it to a conversation path.

Tip: No Reply Responses only occur twice and will exit the app if the assistant still doesn't understand after a third attempt.

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