Managing Variable Scope

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Tahsim Ahmed
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Managing Variable Scope in NLU Model / Model Manager (Global Variable vs. Flow / Local Variable)

Note: For a further breakdown on creating & manipulating variables, navigate to this doc here.

To view your assistant's variables, navigate to the Variables tab in the Model Manager.

Creating and Deleting Variables

To create a new variable, choose its scope (Global or Flow) and type in a name. Hit enter to create your variable.

To delete an existing variable, simply access the delete option from the Variable’s ellipses menu.

Global vs Flow Variables

Every variable created is by default a global variable, meaning it is accessible assistant-wide.

However, you can also create locally-scoped variables, called Flow Variables that only persist within a given flow.

Tip: Flow Variables can be useful for variable types like counters which should reset to 0 upon exiting the flow.

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