Importing or Moving Assistants between Workspaces

Nicolas Arcay Bermejo
Nicolas Arcay Bermejo
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Local Voiceflow File Import (.VF File/JSON)

You are able to create new assistants utilizing Voiceflow's file imports and exports. You can do so by importing a Voiceflow (.vf/JSON) file into your workspace.

This can be done using the Import icon button visible on the workspace/dashboard header. Select the file you want to import (ensure it is a .vf file) in the dialog window that pops up and click Open.

When your assistant file is imported, a notification will appear on the top right of your screen. You can choose to open the assistant from here with the Open Assistant button.

Copy Assistant Link

You can also choose to share your assistant with a link, allowing anyone with this link to import the assistant on their workspace.

You can create an import link from the assistant dropdown in the dashboard view by clicking on the quick actions menu and select Copy clone link. The link will be automatically copied to your clipboard.

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