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Introduction to the Components CMS

Voiceflow’s Components CMS allows for the creation, management, and reuse of components within your AI agent. Components are reusable flows that can encapsulate a specific functionality or a set of functionalities that you can integrate across different parts of your agent.

Components Table Overview

The Components CMS is organized to give you a clear view of all the custom components you've created:

  • Name: The identifier for the component, which should be clear and descriptive of its functionality.
  • Description: A brief explanation of the component’s purpose, detailing what it does and how it can be utilized in the conversational design.
  • Last Editor: Shows who last edited the component, which is particularly useful for collaborative projects.
  • Updated: Indicates when the component was last modified, helping you keep track of the most recent changes.

In the CMS, you can sort components by their name or the date they were last updated.

Creating and Managing Components

Adding a New Component

  • New component: Click on the ‘New component’ button to start creating a new piece of functionality.
  • Enter details: The creation modal will prompt you to enter the name of the component and, optionally, a description that outlines its intended use.
  • Create component: After filling out this information, select ‘Create component’ to add the new component to your CMS.

Editing Components

  • Select Component: To edit a component, click on it from the list to open its details.
  • Edit component flow: Use the ‘Edit component’ button to modify its contents on the canvas.
  • Update description: Remember to update the description if you make changes to the component's functionality to ensure clarity.

Deleting Components

Single Component

  1. To delete a single component, select the components you wish to remove, and in the editor view click the '...' (more options) button, and select 'Delete' from the dropdown menu.
  2. Confirm the deletion when prompted to remove the component from your CMS.

Bulk Deleting Components

  1. For bulk actions, select multiple components by selecting the checkboxes next to the component names.
  2. Once selected, on the bulk action toolbar above the table, click the 'Delete' button to initiate the bulk deletion process.
  3. Confirm the bulk deletion to remove all selected components.


Components that you create can be utilized in your designs in the Component step.

Best Practices for Components

  • Descriptive Naming: Use clear, descriptive names that encapsulate the component's function.
  • Documentation: Maintain detailed descriptions for each component to clarify its use cases and functionalities.
  • Modularity: Design components to be as modular as possible, allowing them to be reused in various contexts.
  • Regular Audits: Periodically review and test your components to ensure they function correctly and remain relevant to your agent's needs.

Leveraging components effectively will help you build a library of reusable blocks, which can significantly speed up the development process and ensure consistency across your agent’s conversational experiences.

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