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To organize data within the Agent CMS effectively using the new folders feature to enhance productivity and maintain a scalable, navigable system. Benefits include:

  • Improved Navigation: Find what you need quickly with neatly organized folders.
  • Enhanced Scalability: Manage large datasets effectively, keeping your CMS clutter-free.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Save time and reduce effort in managing your content.

Create a folder

  1. Select Resources: Before creating a folder, select the item(s) you wish to group. Check the box next to the resource name in the list.
  2. Initiate Folder Creation: With the resources selected, click on the 'Create folder' button. This option is displayed at the top of the table.
  3. Naming Your Folder: In the Create folder modal that appears, enter a name for your new folder that indicates the contents you'll organize, like "Customer Feedback" for related flows.
  4. Finalize: Click 'Create folder' to create a new folder with the selected items.

Move to folder

Using Bulk Options

  1. Select Resources: Identify the resources you want to organize. Use the checkboxes next to each item to select them.
  2. Initiate Move: With your resources selected, click on the 'Moveā€¦' button at the top of the table.
  3. Choose Destination: A dropdown will appear for you to select which folder to move the resources. Select the folder where you want to move the selected resources.
  4. Confirm Move: After selecting the destination, confirm the action to reorganize the selected resources into the chosen folder.

Using Resource-Specific Menu

  1. Select Resources: Identify the resource you want to move. Select it to open the editor.
  2. Open More Menu: Locate the '...' options menu in the top-right of the editor.
  3. Select 'Move to...': Click this option to reveal a list of existing folders.
  4. Choose Folder: Select the folder you wish to move the resource to and confirm the action.

Delete a folder

  1. Select Folder: Navigate to the folder you wish to delete. Folders can usually be identified by a distinct icon or label in the CMS.

  2. Initiate Deletion: Right-click on the folder you wish to remove and slect on the 'Delete' option.

  3. Confirm Deletion: A confirmation modal will appear to ensure that you want to proceed with deleting the folder. Confirm the deletion here. Note: Ensure the folder is empty before deleting it, or be aware that deleting a folder with contents will delete all the items within.


Folders are currently available in:

  • Intents page
  • Entities page
  • Functions page
  • Components page
  • Workflows page

Support for folders in the Knowledge Base coming soon. 

Best practices

  • Always double-check the entries you are moving or organizing to prevent misplacement of important data.
  • Confirm the necessity and content of a folder before deletion to avoid accidental loss of data.
  • Use descriptive names for folders to easily identify the contents and purpose at a glance.

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