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Selecting a Language

Selecting your assistant or AI Agent language on Voiceflow is seamless! Upon (1) project creation, (2) modality/channel selection and (3) NLU Selection (if applicable), you can configure your AI assistant/agent's primary language from the drop-down menu.

Supported Languages

The following languages are supported and will be compatible with NLU on Voiceflow. 

Arabic = 'ar'
Bulgarian = 'bg'
Catalan = 'ca'
ChineseSimplified = 'zh-cn'
ChineseTraditional = 'zh-tw'
Czech = 'cs'
Danish = 'da'
EnglishUS = 'en'
Estonian = 'et'
Flemish = 'nl'
FrenchCA = 'fr-ca'
FrenchFR = 'fr'
German = 'de'
Gujarati = 'gu'
Farsi = 'fa'
Hebrew = 'he'
Hindi = 'hi'
Hungarian = 'hu-HU'
Italian = 'it'
Japanese = 'ja'
Korean = 'ko'
Marathi = 'mr'
Persian = 'fa'
Polish = 'pl'
PortugueseBR = 'pt-br'
PortuguesePT = 'pt'
Romanian = 'ro'
Russian = 'ru'
SpanishES = 'es'
Turkish = 'tr'
Ukrainian = 'uk'
Vietnamese = 'vi'

Other languages (not on the above list) will still function but not perform consistently with the NLU.

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