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Daniel DSouza
Daniel DSouza
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You can quickly test your Assistant on Whatsapp for your website using our 1-click Whatsapp Sandbox. This will allow you to test your assistant on your phone in minutes.

Create a WhatsApp assistant

First, you will need to:

  1. Select Create Project
  2. Give your assistant a name and select the Launch and Host project type
  3. Select Channel -> Whatsapp
  4. Select the language of your assistant
  5. Click Create

Once created, you can begin working on your assistant design. There are two methods to see your assistant working within Whatsapp:

  1. Testing
  2. Launching

Test on WhatsApp

To test your Whatsapp assistant before taking it to production, you can take advantage of our Whatsapp sandbox.

First, select the Test on Whatsapp button from the Run dropdown.

Add your phone number and select Add Number & Test.

Once the model has completed training, you should receive an outbound message from the Voiceflow number similar to below with the name of your assistant that is connected:


If you do not receive a message from Voiceflow, you can message your assistant directly by sending a Whatsapp message to +16802198814

Continue to make changes to your assistant design and test again by selecting the Test on Whatsapp option.


Launch on WhatsApp

To launch on WhatsApp you will need a Twilio account. You can find details instructions on setting up an account and connecting it to your WhatsApp Project on our developer portal here.


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