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How to connect a Google Sheets document to my Voiceflow project? How to import information from my Google Sheets document into my Voiceflow project? 

Currently, Voiceflow only supports read-only access of Google Sheets document through Voiceflow's API step. To read from and edit an online database, check out the Airtable integration tutorial to get started. 

Connecting Sheets document to Voiceflow 

To allow Voiceflow to view your Sheets document, you will need to set the document's permissions in General Access to "Anyone with the link can view". 

You will also need the document id and the specific spreadsheet name. You can retrieve the document id by searching for the string of characters in the spreadsheet's website url ({document_id}/edit).

You can find the spreadsheet name by checking the bottom row.

Once you have all the necessary information about the spreadsheet, create an API step with the following attributes: 

  • GET request with the url ''
  • In the "Parameters" section, add an 'id' key with the {document_id} value and a 'sheet' key with the spreadsheet name. 

By pressing "Send Request" at the bottom right, you can test this specific API request to ensure that the connection is successful. You can take this opportunity to examine the data format, and tailor the "Capture Response" section of the API step to store the data in a variable inside Voiceflow. 

Searching Specific Rows and Cells 

You are also able to search for specific text values in a cell or a row by adding an additional parameter to your API step. 

If you want to search for a value anywhere in the spreadsheet, you can add a parameter with a 'q' key and the value of the text you're searching for. Alternatively, if you want to search for a value in a specific column of the spreadsheet, you can add a parameter with the column name key and the value of the text you're searching for. 

Note: the legacy Google Sheets step has been deprecated in favour of the more universal API step to allow platform-agnostic database queries.  

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