Using Prototype Customization to Align with Branding

Gabby Chan
Gabby Chan
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How to customize my shared prototype to align with my company branding? How to change the colors of my prototype? How to add a custom icon to my prototype? 

When sharing your assistant prototype with external user testers, you may consider adding additional configurations to the prototype such that its appearance aligns with your branding. 

The following settings are available from the 'Share' menu to customize your prototype:

  • Chat or Voice Input: You can select either text and button input, or voice and button input regardless of what type of assistant it is. Specifically for Alexa assistants, they have a third input called "Voice and Visuals" designed to only allow voice input. 
  • Buttons only checkbox: This will display only button choices to the user and prevent users from typing any responses. 
  • Hex: You can add a hex code manually in the given field or pick a colour from the colour graph selector for your prototype's buttons and bolded text. 
  • Brand Image: Upload an icon that represents the company or brand of the assistant. The icon will persist at the upper left of the prototype. 
  • Message Image: Upload an icon that represents the individual or character that the user is communicating with. 

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