Getting Started on Voiceflow for New Team Members

Gabby Chan
Gabby Chan
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One of the advantages of Voiceflow is the ability to invite team members into workspaces to collaborate on conversational assistant designs. Whether they are designers, developers, or product stakeholders, anyone can easily get started on Voiceflow and work together on evaluating, iterating and developing the assistant. 

Once a new team member is invited to a workspace, there are three features that will enable them to engage with and contribute to an assistant's design. 

Running a Prototype

While an assistant canvas may seem complex and intimidating at first, new team members can use the prototype tool to simulate the assistant's behaviour and evaluate the assistant design. 

On the top right of the screen, click on the blue play button to launch the assistant prototype, which is automatically generated by Voiceflow based on the design. This gives any user the opportunity to quickly assess the assistant experience.

Assistant Search

If you are looking for a specific element in the assistant, such as an intent or a topic, you can launch the assistant-wide search bar to sort through steps and components. This feature is particularly helpful when you're determining the occurrence of a particular element used in the assistant or looking for a specific function of the assistant. 

The icons to the left of every search result also indicate the type of element (the list is under the gear icon) to help differentiate different types of elements with the same label name. 

Canvas Commenting

To give feedback on a step in the assistant or draw your teammate's attention to an element, you can use the comment function markup located on the upper left of the canvas. You will be able to start conversations with your team members in the workspace, tag specific names in a comment, and document feedback and proposed changes in the assistant's thread overview. 


Inviting a New Team Member

To invite someone to your workspace, you will need to be an Owner or Admin of the workspace. You can invite members on the 'Teams & Billing' tab on your workspace. 

You can also click on 'Share' on the assistant-level canvas and navigate to 'Invite Teammates'. This option will only be available if you are an owner or admin of the workspace that the assistant exists in. 

To learn more about the different roles and permissions that team members can have within a workspace, click here

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