How to Embed a Web Chat Assistant to a Website

Gabby Chan
Gabby Chan
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How to add my assistant to a website? How to test my chatbot on a website? How to simulate the chatbot on my website?

To access this function, you would have had to select a web chat assistant to start from. Go to the integrations panel of your assistant, where you would be able to see a code snippet that you can copy to your clipboard. 



Once the code snippet is copied to your clipboard, you can add it to the source code of your website before the closing </body> tag on each page that you want your assistant to appear on. 


Simulate the assistant appearing on a web page

You can do the following on Google's homepage using the Chrome browser

  • Go to and open the developer panel (you can right click anywhere on the page and select "Inspect", or search for it in the help tab at the top of your screen
  • In the Console section of the webpage, paste the code snippet that you previously copied from the integrations panel. Remove the first and last line of the code snippet such that the first line should be (function(d, t).... and the last line should be ... (document, 'script');
  • Hit enter, and the assistant should pop up on the bottom right of the screen. The assistant will behave as designed!


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