How to Test Alexa Skill in the Developer Console

Gabby Chan
Gabby Chan
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How to ask Alexa to open a skill in the Amazon Developer Console? How to test a skill on Alexa after publishing? 

After you've finished developing your Voiceflow assistant and published your Alexa assistant, you can directly test on Alexa by navigating to your developer portal. 



You can click on the 'Test on Alexa' button or go to and go into your Voiceflow assistant to interact with the developer console and test your assistant. 



In order to test your assistant with the Alexa Simulator on the left, type "Alexa Ask {invocation_name} {utterance}".

  • For example, if your assistant's invocation name is "John" and you have a greetings intent mapped to the utterance "What's up" , you would type into the developer console "Alexa, ask John What's up", which would trigger the sequence of blocks following the greetings intent. 


You can change your assistant's invocation name in the settings panel. 


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