Introduction to Project Organization

Gabby Chan
Gabby Chan
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How to organize my assistant? How to manage a large project? 

This series of guides is designed to help you understand Voiceflow's organizational components that help structure an assistant to best enable collaboration between conversation designers, developers and product stakeholders. 

An assistant on Voiceflow is structured as follows 

  • Each assistant contains one or more Domains, or the different areas of function that the assistant possesses. For example, a banking assistant can have domains in personal banking, investment portfolio management, and mortgage management. 
  • Within each domain, there are Topics that represent a relevant course of action. For example, a banking assistant's domain in personal banking may have topics for checking account balances, sending bill payments, transferring money in between or to other accounts, and updating account details. 
  • And finally, each topic will have one or more Intents to signify the relationship between a relevant topic and a user's utterance of their intention. For example, if the user says "I want to check my account balance" or "Please tell me how much is in my checking account", the banking assistant should recognize both of those phrases and match the user to the relevant topic. 



Throughout these guides, you will come across three sets of features that are incredibly useful for organizing a complex assistant: topicscomponents/block templates, and domains. 




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