Using Domains to Organize Your Topics

Gabby Chan
Gabby Chan
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With the new 'cards view' on your dashboard in Voiceflow, you have easy access to view and create domains within your assistant.



You can think about each domain as a page within your assistant that can contain a number of topics. For example, in our Voiceflow assistant above. We have 3 core domains with various topics under them.

  1. Domain: Website Landing Page
    • Topic: Learn about Voiceflow
    • Topic: See customer examples
    • Topic: Core features
  2. Domain: Website Sales Page
    • Topic: Book a demo
    • Topic: Learn about pricing
  3. Domain: In-App Support Flow
    • Topic: Submit a ticket
    • Topic: Search documentation

Each topic has related intents within them. For example:

  • Topic: Core features
    • Intent: Collaboration
    • Intent: Code export
    • Intent: Prototyping

The diagram below provides a visual for how a project with domains is structured. 



Team workflow with domains

Domains allow you to collaborate more effectively with team mates with status. You are able to set different domains as design, review, or complete to demonstrate what is currently being worked on vs. what has been completed.



Check out our documentation for domains and the video below for an explanation of how they work! 

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