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Gabby Chan
Gabby Chan
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How do I work with others on Voiceflow? How can my team use Voiceflow? 

Voiceflow supports many collaborative features to support designers, developers, and product stakeholders working together. 

Being able to work on the same file at the same time is fundamental to true collaboration & effective conversation design. Without it, working as a team on a big assistant can be cumbersome and slow. 

To get started on working with team members, you can invite team members to view your assistant. 


On the canvas of an assistant, you can also: 

  • Work together on the same assistant in real-time. You can see the number of editors and viewers on the top right of your screen, and follow their cursors on the canvas. Learn more here
  • Add text and images on the canvas. This can help give additional context about your assistant for product stakeholders and developers during the review and handoff phases. Learn more about canvas markup here
  • Leave comments on the canvas to gather feedback and congregate discussions about relevant workflows. Learn more about comments here

You can also share your design prototype with stakeholders and users to 

  • Test your assistant's workflow by simulating conversations with real-life interactions. Learn how to share a workable prototype here 
  • View others' interactions with your assistant prototype by using transcripts. You can read through the conversations and debug errors to improve your assistant's performance. Learn more about using transcripts here

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