Scaling your Design with Domains

Tahsim Ahmed
Tahsim Ahmed
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How to use domains to create complex assistants on Voiceflow?

Creating a New Domain

To create a new Domain, open the dropdown in the canvas header.

Choose a Domain name and hit ‘Create’

Deleting Domains

To delete a Domain, open the dropdown in the canvas header. Hover over the Domain you want to delete and access its settings. Click Delete
Note: Deleting a Domain removes its contents from your Assistant. You can’t undo this action.

Converting Existing Assistants into a Domain

Ready to organize your designs? Here’s how to convert an existing Assistant as a Domain under another Assistant:

From the Dashboard, access the more options menu of the Assistant you want to convert.

Click ‘Convert to Domain’ Choose the destination Assistant you want to port your data to and hit ‘Next’

When you’re ready, hit ‘Confirm’
Note: Your original assistant file won’t be affected during conversion. Our systems will clone the origin assistant's data and merge it with the destination Assistant. We recommend you delete your original assistant file after you’ve checked the conversion worked in the destination Assistant.

Once converted, go to the destination Assistant to check your content

Note: You can only convert Assistants of the same modality/channel as Domains


This article assumes prior conceptual understanding of domains - learn more about the basics of Domains or below:


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