What are Domains?

Tahsim Ahmed
Tahsim Ahmed
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How do I create my assistant to different channels or languages at once? How do I group or consolidate my different assistants together?

Domains are conceptually thought of as the middle layer that sits in-between your assistant and the Topic.

The benefits of Domains are that it allows you centralize your Voiceflow Assistant experience as a single design file - one that shares Components and NLU data, and has unified canvas search and cross-Domain navigation actions (ie. Go-to Block, Go-to Intent - which allows you to navigate to different parts of your assistant design, thereby unlocking the ability to design complex inter-connected assistants).

Domains allow you to consolidate multiple siloed designs into a focused Assistant file - all while maintaining groupings for your Topics. You can think of Domains as folders that let you organize Topics into subject areas (e.g. Billing, Order Inquiry).

With Domains, your new organization hierarchy will look like this:

  • Assistant (ie. Line of Business, Channel, Language)
  • Domain = Subject area / bundle for Topics
  • Topic = Use cases / themes within the subject area
  • Intent = Granular/specific flow within a Topic

Domains ensure that related assistants & their respective design files are not siloed from each other and have a relationship ensuring repeated assets and data are shareable across complex assistants (ie. assistants with handoffs to other assistants or multiple languages).

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