What is AI Assist?

Daniel DSouza
Daniel DSouza
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AI Assist is a collection of features in Voiceflow powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) to help you create your Assistant faster, and make your Assistant smarter.

AI Assist is currently in Beta and may change before general release.

Features included in AI Assist

As of writing, there are 4 features included within AI Assist:

  • Generative Tasks - generate content for your Assistant - Learn more
  • Generative No Match - have your Assistant generate responses on the fly - Learn more
  • Generative AI Steps - provide a prompt and have AI assist generate either

Turning AI Assist On/Off

AI Assist features can be turned on and off in the AI Assist Settings modal.

Access AI Assist settings from the Canvas here:


In Settings, you can turn AI Assist features on/off here:

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