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Tahsim Ahmed
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Do you see a disappeared or missing speak step? Are you missing text step? Canvas not showing right blocks?

In Voiceflow, there are different assistant types - mainly (1) Voice & (2) Chat assistant types.

Depending on the assistant type you've selected, certain functionalities may or may not be supported.

For example, a Speak step would only be available on a Voice Assistant as the computer will speak aloud to the user, whereas that would not be possible with a Chat Assistant.

Each of the channels and/or assistant types will have access to different Steps, design/publish-aspects and features according to the native functionality of the channel you are designing for.

With an additional example, an Amazon Alexa assistant will have specific step(s) 
such as Display or
Directive whereas the 'Chat Assistant' type will not.

You may have not selected the intended assistant type when first-creating your assistant. Ensure you select the desired step or plan for the specifics of the assistant you aim to design & publish.

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