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Voiceflow allows you to export your NLU training data out of Voiceflow for a manual or automatic upload, in order to speed up your design work, and keep your designs in sync with your NLU. 

Exporting NLU Data from Voiceflow

When you are ready to export your NLU data for use back in Amazon Lex, you can manually export the data back out as a ZIP, and upload it through the Lex console.

In the Export Menu, select the intents you wish to include in your exportScreen_Shot_2022-12-15_at_2.57.13_PM.png.

You can generate these export files for Amazon Lex in the following ways:

  • From the ‘Share’ Menu on the design canvas (under ‘Export as…’ and ‘NLU data’)
  • From the ‘Export’ Menu on the NLU Manager

To import this file back into Amazon Lex, you will need to first un-zip the export file generated by Voiceflow if you have exported more than one Intent. You can only import Intents one by one into the Lex console. 

Uploading NLU Data to Amazon Lex

Next, navigate to your Intents page, and under the 'Actions' menu select the Import option. Select the ZIP containing the Intent you wish to import, and follow the prompts in the modal to complete the import. 

If you have an Intent with the same name already in your Intent list, it will be overwritten. Otherwise, new Intents will be added tot he list. 

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