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Catherine Maddock
Catherine Maddock
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How do I integrate my Google Sheets within Voiceflow? Google Sheets Integration or Zapier block? Why is my Google Sheet step not working?

We have sunsetted the Google Sheets step (block) and integration (as of July 2022) and no longer natively support these integrations within the core Voiceflow platform.

You can now perform the integration of your choice leveraging our powerful API step, unlocking the functionality to can connect to any database or spreadsheet (Airtable, Supabase, Firebase, Google Sheets, Zapier etc).

This change was to give users more flexibility and expand on the types of assistants that could be created, all with the configurations of their choice!

If you are looking to get started with a basic spreadsheet/database application within Voiceflow - we recommend Airtable based on their easy-to-use API. To learn how, click here.


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