In this article you will learn how to use the reminder block in conjunction with the User Info and Permission blocks.

To start you will need the User Info block to check if the user has authorized access to the Reminder for your skill.

Add a User Info block and click on + Add Permission Request

On the User Info's fail port, link a Speak block to explain why you're using the Reminder block in your skill and to give the user more informations on how to authorize the skill in the Alexa app or on

Finally, add the Permission block just after the Speak block to end this path.

You can then link the Reminder block on the remaining port of the User Info block

In the following example, I'm using the reminder_text variable as the reminder text in the Reminder block and I've set the reminder time to notify the user in one minute.

As for the text, you can also use variables for the Hours, Minutes and Seconds fields.

After uploading your skill to Alexa, like your future users, you must allow access to the reminder from the Alexa application or

Here, I'm using to authorize the skill to access the Reminder.

Click on Update Permissions



Enable the Reminders and hit the SAVE PERMISSIONS button.

Well done, you can now test your skill on a device or from the Alexa application (reminders are not available in the simulator).

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