What You'll Learn:

  • What advanced expressions are and how they work
  • Example uses

Expression Overview

The advanced expression input allows you to directly input calculations and use the full set of math functions you learned in school.

Basic Examples

Suppose you want to find the side length of a square from its area. Given the area is stored in {area} and you want to store the length in {length}, you can input the following expression.

Suppose you wanted to greet the user differently if it's their birthday and their age is now a multiple of 10. You would enter the following condition.

Suppose you're making a game and want to make sure that only certain users can access portions of it. You make sure that there are 3 conditions that need to be true in order to access these flows.  You want the user to be premium and have a level greater than 10 or be on hard mode.

Advance Example

In addition to calculating values, you can also define temporary functions and values. While they are only accessible in the specific expression block, they let you organize your calculations.

For example. the following would assign the value of 5 to {a}.

Note that the variable v is currently reserved for internal use

For more details you can look here.  Note that we only support Boolean, Number and String types.

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