One of the most common questions our customer success team receives is for issues invoking a skill. Many users do not realize that their Voiceflow project name is separate from their invocation name. 


Project name: What displays in the Voiceflow tool, and what the skill will be titled. Sometimes referred to as the display name.
Invocation name: the word the user has to say to open the skill.
Invocations: (plural) refer to the phrases the user can say to open the skill.

Editing Project and Invocation names in Voiceflow

When creating a new project, you'll be prompted to name it. This is also where you select your locales.
Let's call it My First Project. 

After deciding what purpose my new project will serve, I can update both the display name of the project, as well as the invocation name the user will verbally say to launch the skill. 

We do this by navigating to the Publish tab of the project.

Once opening Publish, the display name is at the very top of the page, while Invocation is accessible by scrolling down, past Description

The Skill Invocation section is where we can update the words and phrases (invocations) used to launch our skill.
Common errors with Invocation names include: one word names and use of the word "skill" in the title.
If you haven't yet read through Amazon's article on which types of phrases and words are acceptable, please check it out here

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