Just starting out? You've come to the right spot. Here, we’ll cover all the basics of Voiceflow, including some of our most frequently asked questions. 

New to voice in general? Here's some recommended reading:

Pages you should keep bookmarked: 


Need to test your skill? We always recommend testing on ADC. There are many features that the Voiceflow testing tool cannot support at this time. (We're updating this soon!) 

A note about ADC: it's possible to upload multiple versions of your project and accidentally invoke an older version of a skill when using the test feature in ADC.
To ensure you don't do this, we recommend deleting any unused, older versions of your skill on ADC. 

Don't have a physical device to test with? There's an app for that. 

Voiceflow Creator Tool Basics

We run best on Chrome. If you're having an issue and are using an alternative browser, please switch to Chrome.

Having a website issue? Try a hard refresh (Ctrl+Shift+R on PC or Cmd+Shift+R on Mac), logging in/out, and clearing your cookies

Keyboard Shortcuts can be accessed by navigating to the bottom of the canvas and clicking on the keyboard icon, shown below, on the right. 

Project Names vs Invocation Names

One of the most common questions our customer success team receives is for issues invoking a skill. Many users do not realize that their Voiceflow project name is separate from their invocation name. Read more here

Alexa vs Google

The Voiceflow tool can be used to build for both platforms, but there are certain limitations for each platform. For example, on Alexa, you have many different voices and accents to chose from. With Google, you are limited to four voices.
Certain Intents only have Alexa availability and vary by locale.
The User block is currently only available for Alexa.


Locales define region and language specific features, built in to both Alexa and Google. Locales can be restrictive in that many features are only available to certain countries or languages.
Please see our extensive article on Locales here.

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