If you need to make edits to a live Alexa Skill, but that skill is not linked to a current Voiceflow project, you can re-build the skill in Voiceflow and manually update the Amazon Skill ID associated to it. 

To start, open your project in Voiceflow. 

Next, make sure that the following are the EXACT same as your original live skill:

  • Invocation name
  • Locales
  • Privacy & Compliance settings

You can find all of the above in the Build tab underlined below:

Accessing the migration tool

The next step is to copy your skill's URL and change the word "canvas" to "migrate" 

before: https://creator.voiceflow.com/canvas/nkdwQA7mKr/f8554e39cf90bf5b8474aca99bdf683b

You'll then see this page: 

Now, you can enter your Amazon Skill ID, and voila! Your existing Voiceflow project is now linked to your live Amazon Skill. 

Need help finding your Skill ID? 

After uploading your project to the Alexa Developer Console (ADC), under the name of your skill, there's a button that says View Skill ID. 

The skill ID is quite long and looks like this:


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